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Resident Evil Icons

Plus DMC, Onimusha, and Dino Crisis

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Mmyesh, so this is where all the icons go. Just some basic pointers for now:

  • If there's more than four, or they weigh more than 80k in total, put it under a cut. (Go here to learn to lj-cut like a pro.)
  • Give credit where credit is due. We want our thirty seconds of work to be appreciated.
  • NO FAKE CUTS. You post on this community or not at all.
  • Effective as of November 21st 2004, icons for Devil May Cry, Onimusha, and Dino Crisis are now permitted.

    Optimal programs for creating icons are Adobe Photoshop and/or Macromedia Fireworks MX.

    That's about it. Happy iconing!

    This Community was founded by startropics. He's retired, and ketene and dantekirsei have taken his place. You wanna yell at someone? Yell at them.